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Things to do in Taichung and hidden gems

Travelbooks: Taiwan | published: 2020-06-16 | edited: 2020-06-16 | created by: Frank

Taichung was only planned as a short stop on a round trip through Taiwan. I arrived there at noon and (unfortunately) left the next day. For me it seems, that Taichung had much less international tourists than Taipei.

But that was great. So you can completely immerse yourself in a typical Taiwanese big city. My highlights during my half-day stay were Rainbow Village, 13 Cafe (an amazing cafe at the edge of town), the restaurant Gulu Gulu and of course the night market.

Rainbow Village

The Rainbow Village (彩虹眷村) was on my to-do list. It is a colourful little settlement with 11 houses painted by a former soldier, Huang Yong Fu, in Nantun district (南屯區) west of the Taichung city center. He wanted to prevent the buildings from being demolished. It's great to see all these colorful houses and feel now the positive vibes of the former military settlement.

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13 Cafe

Do you like coffee and a location like in GTA? Then you should definitely stop at the 13 Cafe in Taichung. The lovely owners of 13 Cafe will create a delicious coffee for you in a cosy atmosphere on the edge of town.

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Gulu Gulu

Do you know what Gulu Gulu means? No? Gulu Gulu is the sound your stomach makes when it's hungry. Gulu Gulu is a very cool bar in Taichung that offers traditional Paiwan dishes. Unfortunately we were only there for a short time. But it was perfect to round off the evening with a drink. With a little luck you can also enjoy the owner singing singing a few traditional aboriginal songs.

YiZhong night market 一中夜市

Taiwan seems to be known for the night markets. Like this one: the YiZhong night market. The night market is quite big and perfect for an evening or some interesting snacks. For your visit to Taichung you should definitely take one or two hours for it.

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