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Elephant Mountain in Taipei near Taipei 101

Travelbooks: Taiwan | published: 2021-03-23 | edited: 2021-03-23 | created by: Frank

Sure, it's a very touristic spot, but if you're in Taipei, you should definitely visit the Elephant Mountain. The really impressive thing is that you are very very close to the skyline of Taipei and the Taipei 101. Don't worry about when to visit the Elephant. If you are in Taipei for only a few days, you should just plan it into your daily schedule. Even in rainy weather and evening, like when I visited, you have an impressive view.

The nearest metro station is Xiangshan Station. From there you can easily reach the stairs that lead to the Elephant Mountain. After climbing a few steps, you already have a great view of the city and can enjoy the evening mood in Taipei


Observation desk at Elephant Mountain

The cover image of this photo series shows a very popular, especially for influencers, lookout stone. But since many people visit this point and want to climb the stone, you should not stay there too long. Everyone would like to have a memory picture. Not only the influencers. After a few meters there is also a observation desk from which you have a great panoramic view.

Leaving the touristic place behind

On the map at the end of the photo series you can see that you can continue the way after the observation desk. You should do that! Again and again you will have a great view of the city and the Taipei 101.

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