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13 Cafe in Taichung 13號咖啡

13 Café (13號咖啡) in Taichung - a hidden gem for coffee

Travelbooks: Taiwan | published: 2020-06-16 | edited: 2020-06-16 | created by: Frank

After visiting the Rainbow Village, we noticed a small café in the Lonely Planet travel guide. Run by brother and sister, this fantastic café is located near Huanzhong Road, Nantun District. There is no menu and no food. But you can get coffee in a beautiful location and you are probably the only tourist there.

The coffee is roasted by hand in a steel pot with a wooden spoon. The owners are really lovely and showed and told us everything about their café, which you can drink from the handmade coffee cups (picture above).

13 Cafe in Taichung 黑十三

13 Cafe in Taichung

13 Cafe in Taichung 13號咖啡

organic interieur

13 Cafe in Taichung 13號咖啡

steel pot with a wooden spoon for roasting coffee beans

A real hidden gem in Taichung

The (german) Lonely Planet travel guide says that the café was created from an old car repair shop. Unfortunately this is not quite true. The owners built it after they had to give up their old coffee shop. And that's also where the name of the café comes from: "13" is the street number of the old café. But the special thing about the café is that they built it with materials they found or got. For example, the canopy of the entrance consists of a bonnet. And that is incredibly cool. The interior design is incredibly organic and when you're outside enjoying your coffee you won't believe that you' re in a city of millions.

13 Cafe in Taichung 13號咖啡

it looks a bit like a misson of GTA

13 Cafe in Taichung 13號咖啡

a great place for a coffee

13 Cafe in Taichung 13號咖啡

Hidden location

Okay. It is already very hidden and also in google maps you have to find it first. The best way to get there is to take a taxi. You can also go there by car or scooter. It's too far by foot. The taxi driver then drives there according to GPS. He might also be a bit astonished why you want to go there as a tourist and drops you off at a place that looks like a new mission from the video game GTA.

It's located here (google maps).

13 Cafe on Facebook:

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